Hyperlink to client website inconsistent on different computers

Apr 27, 2015

Hi all,

I have a hyperlink to a client's website in Storyline 1 module.  We reduced the window size because his window navigation tools (scroll bar, minimize, etc) were not showing.  After we changed the settings my nav tools did not show up.  Now I am hearing that another employee's computer does not show the content on the web page. 

I'm attaching a screen shot on my computer.  You'll also notice that I can't see all the content and there is not way to maximize the page.

Is there a way to make sure that the window that pops up from the hyperlink is consistent on all computers?

Thanks!! Diane

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Diane  Dempcy

Hey Gary,
Thanks for the reply. I have all the settings you stipulated. We went to
window size 800 x 600 and when we did so, the nav controls were visible in
a Mac, but I lost them on my PC.

I did discover that if I open the module in Chrome I'm ok. Explorer did
not support my nav controls. I can just let the client know that they need
to have their students open up in something other than Explorer.


Michael O.

As long as you are using the default settings there should not be a problem with your client's viewing.  When you create custom size browser window, that is a javascript that can result in messy inconsistent behavior depending on what browser your client or his learners are using. 

Unless there is an institutionally valid reason to have the web site appear in a chromeless window, use default. 

Gary Collins

I don't agree with this. We should be able to set the window dimensions and controls as we please. The end user should see it at the size requested or it should open in a new tab if that is how it is setup in their browser.

The javascript for this has been around forever so it shouldn't be too complicated for a browser to handle.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diane, 

Yes, Gary is correct - the links will open in the browser the user is viewing the course in unless they've set up something else on their system to always open hyperlinks in a particular way. There isn't a way to control that within Storyline authoring.  If you're publishing for CD, the hyperlinks will always look to open in IE. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diane, 

I was just doing some additional testing of this, and as you mentioned it seems to be browser specific within Storyline 1 - so it's not just the clients website. I was able to find where this was reported to our team for additional review, but I don't have any additional updates, as it does seem browser specific in terms of how they handle the custom sizing that Storyline is showing it in and than whether or not they'll show the scroll bar if necessary. 

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