Hyperlink to specific titles / slides of a Storyline 2 module

Hi all

I'm in the middle of creating some '101' modules for a new system being introduced in my workplace. For these modules, I've built a main menu with buttons linking off to "try mode" demos of various procedures users will need to know how to carry out.

Now, I find myself needing to link users from our SharePoint to procedures within these '101' modules. I don't want to link them to the main menu of the module, leaving them to find the correct procedure in my menu, and I also don't want to export these procedures into their own self-contained projects as then I have more than one version of each procedure to keep track of.

What I'm hoping to find is a way to hyperlink to a specific title or slide within a Storyline module. Is this possible? I haven't seen it but I'm hoping I'm just looking in the wrong places.



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Steve Lawrence

Thanks Matthew. I have zero experience with Javascript so finding the whole thing a bit of a stretch to be honest.

In the thread you point to I see an example of a .story file where there is one scene. How would it work when there are many scenes?

By the way it's 5pm here in New Zealand and I'm about to leave the office for the day so I may not reply again for several hours, but know that I do appreciate your help very much. Cheers!