Hyperlink within multiple-state text box

I am trying to build a small performance support piece. The initial screen has two text boxes. The left box is a top level menu of items. When an item in that menu is clicked (via hyperlink function), it changes the state of the right text box to display the appropriate sub-menu. The right text box has four different states - equating to the submenus for the four main categories. I then want to hyperlink the sub-menu items in the righ text box to different slides in the file with how to information. When I publish or preview the file, the main menu hyperlink changes the state of the right text box, but the hyperlink to another slide within the right text box does not work. The text is blue and underlined, but not clickable. Any ideas?

Also, if there are any cool applications of Storyline in a performance support type application, I would like to hear that as well.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Todd - I did a quick test on a sample file and I see what you mean... it appears that hyperlinks aren't working when they're applied to text within states. I'll go ahead and submit that to our QA team. In the meantime, you might be able to achieve the effect you want with layers instead of states... For example, could you create a new layer for each of the submenus? And on your top level menu items, use a trigger to reveal the appropriate layer depending on which choice the learner clicks?