Hyperlinks are not included in the tab order (unless made into buttons).

Dec 02, 2020

It seems that hyperlinks are not included in the tab order unless they are turned into buttons. Which for links within a sentence, this is not ideal.

Reading from this link: https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-360-Accessible-Slide-Content

It says this:

'Learners who use keyboard-only navigation without a screen reader for mobility reasons press Tab and Shift+Tab to move from one interactive object to another on the slide. Press the spacebar or the Enter key to activate an item.

Since keyboard-only users can see text and images, these objects get skipped when tabbing through the slide content. This reduces the number of keystrokes needed to navigate the slide.'

However, hyperlinks that are within the text should be included in the Tab order, as how would a person who only uses a keyboard access the links if they are skipped? As far as I can tell, they can't.

Am I missing something, or do hyperlinks have to be turned into buttons to be included in the Tab order?

Thanks in advance.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Barry!

I'm glad that you brought this up! You're exactly right. Navigating hyperlinks is not included in the Tab Order, nor are they read off as links by screen readers. Not to worry, this is actually a feature on our roadmap, which is labeled Accessible Text Styles! It will be shipping soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for the notification to update Storyline 360.

Visit our feature roadmap to see what else is currently in development!

Kelly Auner

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!✨

You should be able to add hyperlinks as tab stops for keyboard navigation. If you'd like assistance with this, we'd be happy to take a look at your file! You can upload it here or privately in a support case.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful: