Non-button objects in focus order are skipped in preview and Review 360

Mar 18, 2021

Hi! I'm testing the focus order on a slide, and none of the non-button objects listed in tab order are getting the focus (yellow) box in Preview or Review 360. There's only one button on the slide, and it's the only thing beside the player buttons that gets focus. Everything else on the slide that should be part of the navigation is skipped over. This is with keyboard navigation only (Tab key, no screen reader). Same thing when I use the Tab key with NVDA; when I attempt to use the up and down arrow keys to navigate with NVDA, nothing comes into focus at all. This seems like a pretty glaring problem to turn up. Am I doing something wrong? Please check out my attached, stripped-down/de-identified mockup. Thank you in advance for your help!


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Theresa Ainsworth

I just upgraded to 1.48 and now I am having the same problem. Also using NVDA. I need preview and review 360 to work the same way as the published content so that I can test it before I publish it. I feel like I have just lost functionality instead of gaining it with this update. Staff, is this something that can be fixed in the next update?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Lisa!

Thank you so much for sharing your .story file! I started by testing the course in Review 360 and also publishing the course for Web. Here's a quick Peek of my test: Link

Please let me know if you have additional questions! You can also reach out to us in a support case. Whichever is best for you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Theresa!

I'm happy to help! Storyline 360 as an authoring tool is not an accessible tool. To test your course to experience what your learners will experience using assistive technology, we recommend publishing for Web.

This is still a conversation we are having in regards to our accessibility journey. Our priority was to make the published output accessible. We'll update this discussion if our team decides to make improvements to the authoring side.

I really appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback with us!

Theresa Ainsworth

Hi Lauren, Please do. Prior to this "upgrade" the Preview mode and 360 Review functionality mirrored the Production functionality, which is what designers need. Both of my current projects have a couple hundred slides / layers. I test / tweak functionality as I go. I takes much longer to publish than to preview... This is reducing my efficiency. That is never a win... My QA team uses 360 review to do a first test for accessibility and provide feedback. We have now lost that ability, making 360 review less useful and the feedback process more laborious.  My current projects will go to 60,000 learners, not sure how many have accessibility needs, but NVDA is the go to tool as it is free - vs JAWS that has a price point in the thousand plus range. I urge you to ensure it works with NVDA, and to ensure the preview / 360 Review mirror the published environment. 

Thanks for considering this. :-)

Lisa Spirko

Hi Lauren. I agree with Theresa. Preview mode and Review 360 both need to mirror what the course will be like in production. This is independent of whether you make the authoring tool itself accessible. The courses we test in those modes/tools need to reflect the actual accessibility they will have in production. Otherwise, Preview and Review 360 become unreliable for testing, and the workaround of publishing to Web becomes just like all of the other workarounds we have to do to make things work in Storyline: laborious and time-intensive. Just weighing in with my two cents, for what it's worth. Thanks for considering it. ~Lisa