Testing NVDA output

Feb 11, 2021

I'm trying to test out my course using NVDA to make sure that my focus order makes sense and that everything is working as it should. How should I do this? It doesn't work in preview mode, and when I publish to Review 360, I can't get past the top of the page where it says "review, feedback, share". If I press the arrow key down, it just keeps saying blank blank blank". If I tab down, it goes to the middle of my slide. What am I doing wrong?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Abbigail!

I'm happy to help! When testing your course with a screen reader, I recommend publishing for the web. This will make sure that you're testing the course in a similar output as your learners. Additionally, Preview and Review 360 aren't perfectly compatible with screen readers. 

I've published your course for web and then used NVDA to navigate through the course. Here's a short video of my test.