Hyperlinks not working when published

Hi folks,

I've done it before, many times, but I am having trouble getting hyperlinked text to work in Storyline 1. I have tried to add the hyperlink to text and to an object but they don't work. I tried to put it in the Resources tab, but that didn't work either.

When I test the link while adding it, it works fine, but not when published (to web/LMS/CD). I'm flummoxed!


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Matt H.

Hi Emily,

Yes, I included the whole address and checked it with the little green
checkmark on the Trigger Wizard. I even tried copying and pasting your link
(even though it was the same). Just as I suspect, it didn't work. I then
added my real (i.e., internal) websites to your file and it worked just
fine. Guess I'll have to copy my training over to your file and run with it.