Hypertext Links Embedded on Storyline 3 Screens are Not Accessible

Mar 21, 2019

Using Storyline 3 with the March 5, 2019 update.

Hypertext links inserted into onscreen text are not accessible using single key (Tab) navigation. The text box itself will receive focus (the yellow box appears around it), but any hypertext links in the text itself will not receive focus. This means that a student who is unable to use a mouse cannot select the hyperlink.

This is a major Section 508 compliance issue!

I have already found an inelegant temporary workaround, so no suggested workarounds are needed.

What I need to know is when this issue will be fixed?

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Noel Read

Hi, I am assuming when you refer to a workaround you are referring to adding one trigger that will enable the link to be accessed when hitting Enter.  

If you are referring to a fix that would automatically add in a trigger that would be activated by hitting Enter (once you've tabbed onto the link) then that would be great as I can see it's a real time saver for creating modules in this way.

Ken Barney

Noel, to my way if thinking, simply adding a hyperlink HAS to automatically add it to the Tab order on that screen. Storyline 3 already makes a hyperlink "mouse accessible" when you add it, so it's not a stretch to also make it Tab navigation accessible.

Imagine a screen providing a student with several bullet pointed hypertext links containing URLs for more reading. Now imagine that you cannot use a mouse??

Noel Read

Hi Ken, I understand and you're right,  a mouse click works by default so why not pressing Enter when you have tabbed onto it.

Just checking that the workaround you are using is the one I have attached  (and apologies if it is, I just wanted to make sure you were using easiest one to set up, copy and reuse). Noel

Ken Barney

Noel, sorry but your workaround won't work because the linked text never gets focus so the student will never be given the opportunity to press Enter.

My workaround is actually more archaic that that. It involves placing a transparent box (shape) under each hyperlink and then adding those shapes to the Tab order and adding the Triggers.

Of course, this also means rearranging the shapes after each text edit on the screen.

Noel Read

Hi Ken, I set my project up so that the learner can use the Tab key to tab to the box containing the hyperlinked text and then press the Enter key to go to the hyperlink. So no mouse needed - one hyperlink trigger used that you can tab to and open pressing Enter.

And sorry if you mean something different, I don't want to waste your time, on a solution you know doesn't work. I've attached my project in case it's of any use. Noel

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