Accessibility for text boxes with states

Sep 21, 2022

I have a Storyline course that needs to be accessible.  There is an interactive screen where the learner clicks icons to reveal additional information.  That information is in a single text box.  Each click of an icon changes the state of the text box to reveal the appropriate information.  Since the text box can only appear in the focus order once, I'm assuming that this will be problematic for a screen reader.  Is that the case, or am I overlooking something?

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John Morgan

Hi, Deidra!

In the latest update to Storyline 360, there were a few fixes regarding screen readers including states being read by screen readers! Download the latest update (Build 3.68.28773.0) and this should no longer be a concern!

Here is an article listing the bug fixes and new features in the latest update!

Thanks for reaching out!