Variable text not creating paragraphs


I have a problem with the variable refference text %SigBody% in my presentation (I hope it's called variable refference text).

I am having users enter contact information at the end of an E-mail which then populates on a different layer using %SigBody%. My problem is that in Articulate 360 the reference object doesn't populate with paragraphing in tact. I was used to this function in SL2.

I apologize that the 360 file I have to share with you is in French. I promise you won't need to know any to be able to work with this problem (I don't). In the attached SL360 file please refer to slide 1.3 on the layer entitled "Signature." If you preview this slide select the "Envoyer" button on the screen. This will reveal the "Signature" Layer where you will be able to select the"Nouveau" button. You will then be able to enter text into two text boxes. You must fill out both to continue. In the second text box, try to fill fill in the contact information available to you in the top right corner of the screen. When you are finished, click ok. The %SigBody% refference should update with your information, but only on one line.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Bob!  Thanks for the great description and the file to test out.  It sounds like you are seeing your multi-line text that you've typed into the text entry field turn into a single line of text when it is referenced on the slide.  Are you able to type using multiple lines in the text entry field?  Also, are you seeing this single-line output in both Preview and after publishing your course?

I had a look at your file, and my multi-line text entry was accurately referenced in the email simulation, both in Preview:

...and when I published and checked out the Flash and the HTML5 versions.  You can test my published output here (I just published the one slide in question - Storyline 360 with single slide publishing for the win!).

If you can even record a quick Peek screencast of what you're seeing on your end, that'd be helpful too!  Thanks for reaching out, and we'll try to nail down what's happening.

Connor Tunney

"(I just published the one slide in question - Storyline 360 with single slide publishing for the win!)"

I regret that I haven't had anyone in my young professional life come to me with that kind of millennial humor in the year since I began work. Definitely made my week.

In any case, I mad a little YouTube video outlining what is happening for me in my presentation. Hope it helps. My A360 version is 3.2.9664.0

Let me know if I can provide any further info.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the Peek video - that was really helpful to see it happening on your end as well (and no worries on the French pronunciations - I wouldn't know different!) I took a look at the file in question, and I gave it a test as well - and saw the same thing as Crystal, that while I was entering within the text entry if I used a hard return and/or a soft return ( enter or shift+enter) both kicked my text to a new line and the same thing displayed when viewing the variable reference. 

The only difference I could see with my testing and your example is as you mentioned some general formatting of the text - which I will guess is based on the font you used, as I don't have it installed on my system (received the missing font message when I started) and therefore it's substituting another default font (and that'll change how text is laid out and spaced within the box - for the mariage example it's a couple characters too long for that text box and wraps to the next line). 

The latest version of Storyline 360 is 3.4.10364.0 so it may be worth updating. You should see the option to update it once you launch the 360 Desktop tray application (unless they have been disabled).

I also wanted to know if you could tell us where you're testing the course? Did you publish and upload to your web server or LMS to test it, or were you just testing the published output locally? What browser(s) were you using to test it? I'd start with the update and then double check that you're testing the published output in a live environment in one of the supported browsers here. 

Let us know how things go after the update!