I can get Tin Can working on Story.html but not Story_html5.html


I'm hosting a test course on one Azure Website ('the LMS') and have another Azure website ('The LRS') that records web calls made to it.

The problem I have is that I can get Storyline Flash (story.html) to work, but not HTML5 (story_html5.html).

At this stage I am not intercepting the PUTs in the LRS but that doesn't bother me, what I am getting is the querystring GET that accompanies the PUT, and they are as follows:

Activity State Path Generated by Course Tin Can API: /lrs/endpoint/statements/

Url Referrer: ?endpoint=http://lrs.something.net/lrs/endpoint/&auth=OjFjMGY4NTYxNzUwOGI4YWY0NjFkNzU5MWUxMzE1ZGQ1&actor=%7B%22name%22:%20[%22First%20Last%22],%20%22mbox%22:%20[%22mailto:firstlast@mycompany.com%22]%7D&activity_id=61XkSYC1ht2_course_id&registration=760e3480-ba55-4991-94b0-01820dbd23a2

Is there a problem with Story_html5.html?

Any suggestions?

And is there a guide for those who are building their own LMS and own but separate LRS?

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