I cannot see my slides when i tilt my phone to landscape

Hi there!

I just published a test course from Storyline 3 and uploaded it to our company's LMS and when i play this course from my mobile phone (huawei Mate 20 lite with android 10), when tilting the phone from portrait to landscape mode i cannot see any content. The player seems to show me the upper part of the page which is black, but i cannot scroll down to see the content. When tilting back to portrait mode i see the full page again. (i have attached screenshots from my phone)

Any suggestions or links to other threads would be very welcome.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Costin!

It sounds like you've created a course in Storyline 3 and now having trouble viewing the course in Landscape mode on your Android device. I'm happy to help!

Let's start troubleshooting!

  • First, how did you publish the course? (LMS, Web, etc)
  • Next, where are you viewing the course? (In an app, browser, etc)
  • Lastly, what story size are you using? You find this by using the Design tab and then clicking Story Size.

I made it a quick test file and opened it on my end using Safari. I've attached a short screen recording to this reply. Can you also try viewing this course on your end? Here's the web link.