i have a problem with Pick one question!

May 30, 2013


i´m making a quiz with four white space lines and im using "pick one" freeform question.

the quiz have two states, correct and incorrect!

for this, im based on this methodology:  //www.screenr.com/qiR8

but when i open my preview version i put the correct/incorrect texts and then press the submit button, so it not show me the correct windows ("right" or "bad" messages), instead of this it´s showing the below: 

but as is showing the above image , the fields are not in blank, so it must show me an correct! or incorrect! window (and do not this one!)

How did I get here? How can i fix this problem?

my trigger panel here:

can you understand my question?! and... can you help me?!! :(



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