Problem Reviewing Results from 'Pick One' quiz questions

Apr 25, 2014


I'm creating a quiz that has a series of 'Pick One' choice questions. On each quiz question, the learner is given a choice of two or three answers that are text boxes. They select one of the text boxes and then click the Submit button. Each 'Pick One' is associated with the same Results slide.

I have set the feedback to "per question", and either correct or incorrect feedback is displayed on the slide layers.

All of this is working fine, including the scoring (per question). But when the learner gets to the results slide and clicks to "Review Quiz", the results of each question are shown as Incorrect even after choosing correct answers. The Review Quiz button has the trigger (automatically generated) "Review results 1.9 Results Slide When the user clicks".  

I'm sorry I can't show you an example of the .story file right now - the content is proprietary.

Any suggestions on what might be causing the problem with showing the correct results for the review?



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Anna Oftedal

I should note that I am actually using Caption shapes for the learner to click on as their choices in each Pick One. When a create a new .story file and create 1 basic Pick One and then a new Results slide, the review is working fine. I don't want to rebuild the entire quiz, but I'll have to look at what is in my original file that could be causing the problem with reviewing the answers.



Anna Oftedal

A-ha! By searching this forum, I was able to see someone's notation about the slide property "When revisiting". I had "When revisiting" property set at "Reset to initial state", but it needs to be "automatically decide". Glad that I finally found the answer! After a couple hours trying to figure that out, I won't make that mistake again.



David Naylor


I am using the Vision Template which is a great success. However I have noticed with the "Pick One 1" or "Pick Many" questions there is no feedback appearing in the quiz review as to which answer was actually correct. However in the "Multiply Choice" questions there is feedback via the little tick next to the correct answer.

Can you help at all. I enclose a small project as an example

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