Pick One Question Two Text Entry Fields

Hey team,

I've created a pick one question slide with two text entry fields on it. I'm asking the learner to think about two common places to look for people during an evacuation. So the answers for both boxes can be either 'meeting rooms' or 'toilets'. Both text entries will accept these answers and pop the correct feedback.

Now to my problem. Incorrect feedback pop. If one of the boxes doesn't contain one of the above answers I want to pop incorrect feedback.

Wood for the trees syndrome has set in and I can't see the solution.

Could you help please?

Thanks in advance,


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David Anderson

Hey Dan -

It looks like you might be missing the last condition "and VarTextEntryBox2 = value Toilets (ignore case). Here's a screenshot:

Can you tell me which Storyline update you're on? It could be a versioning issue, too. I'd like to test or ask someone from support to verify on the same version.

Walt - thanks for taking and a look and confirming. 

Dan Glass

Hey David,

I can confirm version issue. Ihad the other condition in there is was just hidden under those 3 little dots.

My workplace install is way behind on upgrades, i am running v3.32.20313.0.

But I upgraded my personal laptop to v3.51.24979.0 and it works, hurray! :-)

Thanks heaps for your help. Legend :-)