how to display text entry data by button

Jul 24, 2020

I created two text-entry fields in two text boxes. I want to display two text entry variables separately. For example, in one text box, I want to display students' answers 1 from the previous slide. Then I want the students to click the button to show their answers 2 in another text box. They can compare both of their answers. On my slides, all the text entry data go to the second text boxes. And it does not work. How can I fix that? Thanks!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Julia,

This is a simple fix. On your final slide, you don't need any Text Entry fields as the text has already been entered on previous slides and is stored in your two variables. All you need to do is to have two text boxes, one containing your Answers variable and one containing your PreferredSkills variable. Set the initial state of the text box containing your PreferredSkills variable to Hidden and set a new trigger to change the state of this text box to Normal when the user clicks the Compare button.

When the user jumps to the final slide, the answers they gave on slide 3 will be shown in the left hand column and the right hand column will be empty. When the user clicks the Compare button, their preferred skills will now appear in the right hand column.

To recreate your original slide I simply added a couple of coloured rectangles in the background in place of your coloured text entry boxes.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, just get back to me here.


Julia Strauss

Hello Ned, thank you very much for your help. I have been working on the slide.

I still have some issues.

1. When the user jumps on the last slide, it shows both variables in your answers and your preferred skills. I am trying to hide the preferred skills until the user clicks the compare button. The button works. I am trying to avoid showing the preferred skills data when the timeline begins. 

2. I want to allow the user to select the preferred skills. The second slide should show the skills they select. It shows all the skills at first,  then unselected data disappears. How to fix that? It looks weird. 

3. Ideally, I want the user to select the preferred skills, the data will output in the last slide when the user to click the compare button. I have no clue how to do that. 

4. I use icons in the storyline. When you edit the state, the icon becomes different pieces of vectors. It does not allow you to edit the state. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help. Please see the slides I have been working on in the attachment. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Julia,

I have reset all the objects on the final slide to start when the main timeline starts as delays aren't necessary. I have also set the PreferredSkills text box to an initial state of Hidden and removed the trigger to hide it.


I have also removed the Hidden state that you created as this is not necessary (Hidden state is already built into Storyline).

I have removed an additional trigger that isn't required and have set the initial state of TextBG2 to Normal:


This should all now be working okay.

With regards to your other issues concerning the states of icons, I can confirm that you cannot set the state of a group, which sometimes causes problems.

In Version 2 of your SL file (attached) I have placed 100% transparent, filled rectangles over the top of each of the icons and their respective text boxes and then used these as the click point for the user. From the user's perspective, it doesn't look any different as they can't see the rectangles anyway, but it does make your life easier.

I have also changed all of the variables for your skills from Text to True/False variables and set them all initially to False. When the user clicks on an icon (rectangle) on the first slide, the appropriate variable is changed to True and the state of the appropriate text box is changed to Selected so that they can see which skills have been chosen. Once their selection is complete, the user then clicks on the Next button.

On the second slide, which is now a duplicate of the first slide (except for the triggers), I have used the same rectangles, but this time at 0% transparency. They are all initially set to Normal, but only changed to Hidden (thus revealing the skill underneath) if their respective variables are true.

In Version 3 of your SL file (also attached), I have gone one step further and removed the PreferredSkills variable altogether and simply replaced it on the final slide with six new text boxes, one for each of your preferred skills. These are initially set to Hidden, but changed to Normal when the Compare button is clicked if their respective variable is True. Now there is no need to type out a list of your preferred skills as they will be automatically updated based on what you selected on the first slide.

In Version 3, I have also added the ability for the user to change their mind before clicking the Next button on the first slide. Each time they click on an icon it will toggle the selection on or off and the variable will be changed accordingly. Each rectangle therefore now has three triggers associated with it:

I hope this helps and isn't too confusing. Once you have had a chance to go through it, if you have any further problems, just get back to me here.


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