I'm having a problem with drags

Apr 22, 2022

I made a simple game with drag and drop just to test my skiils at it, you drag a character inside a house and them outside the house, first and last screens I tested Freeform Drag and Drop the others just pure drag instroctions.

It works perfectly fine for me, but it does not work properly for others!!! A friend of mine seems to be able to work only some times and if he makes it fast, other wise it lock up.


Does anybody knows the solution to this?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Oi, Axians. Tudo bem?

Adorei o joguinho! 😊

Everything worked as expected in both scenes (the castle and the outdoors), and I was able to move the character without issues, following the instructions.

Can you ask your friends to record what they're experiencing? You're also welcome to share the .story file either here or privately through a case, so we can investigate this further, but from the published output it looks fine on my end.