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Wendy Farmer

Hi Christopher

I use the guides in the View tab.  I add them where I want them and work out the space between the left guide and right guides or top and bottom guides then create other guides that will centre an object - fiddly but it works.

Here is a tutorial for more info


If you want me to do a sample let me know.

Kristal Conner

Hey There, I found the grids and ruler to be quite fiddly (smile @ Wendy) when trying to achieve this, what was helpful for me was first, Aligning Objects Vertically and getting that near where I wanted.  From there, I expanded out Size and Position on the Ribbon and viewed the Position section. This will tell you exactly where your objects are by pixel. Once you get the set pixels you want then you can manually enter the pixel metrics for the rest of objects that need to follow suit. I love how the Position window overlays your objects and you can just click an object and adjust its pixels right there. Saved me hours of dev time.  Hope this helps too!