I need a quiz that has either one of two answers as the correct choice (but not both)

Oct 12, 2016

I need to create a quiz that can have either one of two answers as the correct choice.  I am giving 3 choices (A B & C), but either A or B can be correct.  Is there a way to do that in Storyline? 

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Walt Hamilton

Multiple choice;'


1. Choice A

2. Choice B

3. Choice A or B

4. Choice A and B

5. None of the above


NO, I am not serious; I can't think of a worse way to write the choices for that kind of question.

Wendy's way will work. If you don't want to allow both A and B, you will need to make the checkboxes a button set.

Jenna Gallagher

Hey Ellen, I am wondering if you ever found a solution for this question. The file Wendy submitted has its value but it doesn't work. If you choose Incorrect and 1 Correct (in that order) you get the Correct feedback.

I ask because I need a similar solution for something we are working on at my company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jenna Gallagher

Hi! I answered my own question - but wanted to post it here in case anyone comes across this issue in the future. The original work posted by Wendy needed one small adjustment to one of the state change triggers. The snafu with the original file is that if you select Option 3 "incorrect" and THEN select Option 1 or 2 ("correct) - you will get correct feedback because of the order the state changes occurred in.

So, you need to adjust the correct trigger to add the condition that the correct feedback only shows if the 3rd checkbox (incorrect) is NOT selected.

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