I need a way to reset a slide/timeline

So, I have this video with customised play/pause controls and I've set up a progress bar using timed wipe from left animations and 4 rectangles (max animation time is 59s, video is 185s )

What I need is a way to reset the slide, or just the progress bar(s) after the video ends. I've tried just setting a trigger to go to the same page when the video timeline ends and when the slide timeline ends but that doesn't work, or if it does it comes back to the page in the same state and then as an extension of that I tried making it go to a new slide that just automatically goes back to the original one but that just ends up endlessly flicking between the two slides. This is what makes me think it comes back to the slide in the same state it left ie at the end of the timeline. 

Any ideas muchly appreciated.

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