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Feb 24, 2015

I want to design an electronic magazine using storyline because I have something like a competition so I want to know how can I run storyline automatically when I send it to those who are going to choose the best magazine????? Thanks. Waiting for you help

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Rania Hamed

Hi Ashley 

I don't ask about running slides automatically. When I publish storyline , there are alot of files inside the folder so when I send my magazine , that I used storyline to design it  , to those who are going to choose the best magazine they will not be able to know which file to open so I want to put it on a CD and I want storyline to run automatically when they insert the CD . I hope I could help you to understand my problem. Thanks and waiting for your help.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rania,

You'll need all the files that are included in the published output on your CD for users to be able to play the content. The Launch_story.exe file is the file that should be used to run your course, and there's also an autorun.inf file in CD-published output that lets your course automatically launch when it's burned to a CD and played on a Windows PC.

If your course doesn't autorun as expected, make sure the published output is burned to the root of the CD, not a folder on the CD.

If your course still won't autoplay, see these Microsoft articles for solutions:

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