I need help in developing a survey in Storyline1

Dec 15, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on a project that requires the students to respond to a questionnaire at the end of the course- the questionnaire's response is graded 1- 7 so the student picks any of the numbers to show how much he/she agrees to the question.

Ideally i would have used the 'survey' in storyline but in this case, the client as requested that the there should be a result page showing the student's response in a descending other - based on the users' response. For example: there are five questions with options 1,2,3... and 7 each. if the user's responses are 3,5,7,1,3 (answers to Question1 - 5 respectively) the result page should show the responses in descending order so it has Question 3 = 7, Question 2 = 5, Question 1 = 3, Question 5 = 3, Question 4 = 1.

Can anybody help please? (please note for this course i am using Articulate Storyline 1)

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