SCORM Bookmarking issue

Jan 10, 2018


I am testing scorm build. Bookmarking is not working on result slide, with the knowledge check question and Question bank. But if i remove any one of them then it is working fine. I think it is problem with using both. Please see below steps for issue.

1) Launch the course

2) attempt the assessment till end.

3) result will appear

4) then close the course

5) again launch the course

6) you will get prompt


7) click on the yes

8) it take directly on first page, which supposed to jump on result slide, because that was the last visited page.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Candice-Jade and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Looks like we did not get a file from Sagar to take a look at.

Are you experiencing a similar issue? Are you able to replicate the behavior if you upload the course to SCORM Cloud

If so, we certainly would like to take a look and you are welcome to share your .story file here.

Candice Hornby

Hi Leslie.

Thank you for your response :)

Yes, I seem to be experiencing a similar issue.

I have a rather large programme I have developed which consists of two main scenes essentially. One scene is comprised of 5 mini stories. The bookmarking in this scene seems to work properly. Then I have another scene which comprises of the assessment. However, when the learner fails the assessment and they leave the course, when they relaunch the course and are prompted to resume from where they left, it jumps to a slide in the scene with the 5 mini stories each time?

I have tried creating a question bank as well. That didn't seem to work, nor when I adjusted each question's slide properties to "Automatically decide".

I have an associate looking at the file as he thinks he may know what the issue is. If we are able to find a solution, I will post the feedback here. Otherwise I might require your assistance.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Candice - Jade,

Absolutely - do you need to share it privately (outside of ELH)? If so, can you upload to our team here and we'll take a look! 

If you can share in the ELH community, it's a great way to get a few more eyes on it from staff to other community members! You can use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window to upload your .story file here - and then anyone who comes across this discussion can take a look at it. 

Candice Hornby

Hi Ashley :)

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately is was confidential and I was not permitted to submit it to the forum, but instead logged a ticket to which I did receive a response.

I was able to solve the bookmarking to a certain extent. The way I did that was by going onto each slide's properties and assigning "Automatically decide" when revisiting. That seemed to work to a certain point until I encountered another problem. When I completed the end of my assessment and eventually closed my browser and launched it again, it went back to another slide. This was due to my character count being above the norm and thus was not able to bookmark correctly.

Currently the LMS we are using is not compatible with SCORM 2004, so we are forced to use SCORM 1.2 which has a character count of 4096 and my course is currently 7800 characters. I am now forced to split my course into little packages and upload it to the LMS that way.

However, if your LMS is compatible with SCORM 2004, this seems to solve the bookmarking issue.


So in my experience:

1. Set slide layers to "Automatically Decide" when revisiting

2. Publish out in SCORM 2004 (4th ed) 

I hope this helps you as well Sagar.

Kind regards


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