I need help with the Table of Contents for multi-language project

Dec 10, 2019

I'm working on a project right now that is in six languages. It's all built in one project (only about 25 slides for the course). I've built it with a quick language selection screen when, once a language is selected, it goes to that language's scene.

I'm having trouble with the table of contents showing all of the languages. Is there a way to have each language only show the relevant slides in the Table of Contents?

Thank you in advance


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Jerry Beaucaire

My recommendations:

  1. Create your own menu on the left, use a custom size slide to give yourself the extra space on the left and turn off the builtin menu.   This way you can have 6 states for each element in your menu, one for each language.
  2. I would then attempt to build my 25 slides the same way.  Instead of 6 sets of 25 slides, I would have just one set.  Every text box would have 6 states, one for each language.
  3. A language selection at the beginning of the course sets the language variable.
  4. At the start of each slide, triggers adjust all text boxes to the correct language.


You can keep all your separate 6 sets slides if you want, and simply use my suggestion #1 above to control your own menu system.

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