I need PDF document embedded with released package

I have a custom glossary. On the glossary page is a button to open a PDF version. I need that file in the EXE file when the package compiles. Unfortunately it keeps linking to a document on our server. How do I make the document a part of the external_files folder.

I do not want to link through to a web object. The file must be a part of the package. I also want the file to open from the customised button.

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Graham Betts

Problem fixed. Mainly explained


But there does seem to be a catch. I did not want the resources tab to show. This was for a variety of reasons. If the resources tab is not displayed this will not work. Or at least it wont without a tweak.

The URL is a relative link. As such, once it is published this folder and the associated resources can be manually added.

This now works alright.