I want the user to tell me if the module is complete or not

Mar 15, 2015

I am trying to change the mentality of eLearning from something that is imposed on the learner to something that is offered to them.  While I include some quizzes, they are not required.  In fact nothing is required.  

I am still using an LMS however, which shows a complete or incomplete status coming from the scorm module.  The user cannot tell the LMS that they have completed the module, so I need to be able to do it from with the Storyline module.  I could set the Storyline to mark the course complete after viewing one slide, but I think serious learners will not want that as they will lose track of what they truly have completed.  

I tried having the quit button link to a screen that asks if they are done, with the question being a graded quiz where "yes I am done" is the correct answer.  But :

  • I still have to show a results slide, which creates too many slides to be able to quit.  
  • When the user resumes, they come back to the quit slide.  This leads to a related question : How to force resume to start at the main slide but not reset the states (as in a do-not-resume).

I have not found a way to implement anything like this.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Bart Schutte

Ideally, I would be able to set some variable that is used to tell the LMS that the status is Completed.  Then when the user clicks the close button, I have one trigger that sets the variable, and another that quits the learning.  But I can't figure out how to do that.

Note that this doesn't solve my problem completely since I still want to ask the user the question, but at least it wouldn't need to be done as a quiz.

Phil Mayor

You can use javascript to set it as complete.  Or you could use a hidden question that is marked complete and then a hidden results slide.

You cannot force resume and reset to the initial state unless of course all slides are set to reset to initial state.

There seems little value in tracking the course if the user can set completion at any point

Bart Schutte

Thanks Phil.  Regarding the interest in tracking the course, the fact remains that we deliver all of our courses through an LMS, and the LMS tracks completion status.  And HR directors like to track who has and has not completed a course.  But I want to let the user decide if they have completed the course or not.  Most will do it correctly, but it sends an important message that this is FOR them and not TO them.  

I don't know how to use Java script.

And I don't know how to make a question or results slide "hidden".  And even if I did, how do I use this to allow the user to tell me they have completed?

Regarding resume, I dont want to reset to the initial state.  i want to keep it.  But I want them to always resume at the main window regardless of where they left off.  It makes mores sense to the user that way given how it is designed.

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