Icons on buttons and arrows in player

Hi, I am very new to articulate (still on my trial!).  I have managed to create a short storyline and publish it online here.

Two questions.  When I was creating the buttons (which I did following the helpful training video) I could not work out how to attach the icons to the button shapes.  So every time the button shapes got moved the icon was left behind and I had to reposition it.

Is there a way to lock them together so I can move them as one?

My other question is about the player.  You will see bottom right there are navigation arrows.  I thought I had removed all items from the player but obviously not!  I don't need these navigation arrows as there is only the one slide.  Is it possible to remove them?

Many thanks.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tessa,

There are two main ways to incorporate an icon into a button. The first option is to create your button, select it and then use one of the icons from the button icon drop-down menu:

If you do this, then the icon will automatically move with your button.

If, however, you wish to use another icon and import it, for example from the content library, you will then need to select the button and icon together and group them:

This will then ensure that the icon moves with your button. However, you also need to make sure that the trigger you want to activate when the button is pressed is set to activate when the user clicks the Group and not when they click the button. Otherwise, if the cursor is over the icon when the user clicks the mouse button, nothing will happen:


Hope this helps.  If you have any further issues, just get back to me via this post.


With regards to your second question, in addition to disabling the previous / next buttons in the player (this requires the Menus and Controls to be turned off in the Player Properties),


they can also be individually disabled in the slide navigation section of the slide properties dialogue box: