Ideal screen resolution

Mar 30, 2017

Sorry if this has been covered before, but what is the ideal screen resolution for a screen recording and the story it's being placed in (for Storyline 360)? The application I am recording has a complex UI and a smaller resolution makes it look jumbled. I've tried larger ones but my recordings always ends up blurry. This is also the case with screenshots I want to use in Engage. They're so blurry you can't even see the text on the screen. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Edward!

In general, you'll want to be sure your screen recording dimensions match your slide size so the recording won't be scaled up or down to fit the slide.

You could also look into changing the publish quality settings: 

You'll find this in the Quality section of the Publish window, where you can change the compression settings Storyline uses when publishing.

This thread includes a lot of community members thoughts on screen size, locking the player size, etc. that may help you out. 

Also, Storyline will compress your video to ensure the highest possible quality at the lowest possible size. A number of community members have reported using this solution from Mike Enders to keep the quality associated with their original video. 

Hopefully that'll get you started, and I'm sure other folks in the community have tips to share, as well.

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