Ideas or examples needed for text-heavy governance course

Hi Everyone,

I have to create a governance course.  The content is 24 pages of solid, complex legal text.

Any suggestions or examples on how to make this engaging and interactive while avoiding as much as possible the bulleted list PowerPoint look, even though bullets are a good way to simplify and summarize.

Thank you,


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Jerry Beaucaire

Break it down into small sections, and in each section/idea just present the material first for them to read themselves.

PREPARE:  Read the following 3 paragraphs of gobblety gook. 
(almost no time spent here.  People can read, so let them.)

THINK:  Now get interactive.  Simple quiz style questions about what they have read.
(normal amount of time for question slides)

APPLY:  The best learning comes from application.   So if you can finish the section by presenting some scenarios where they need to decide how to apply what they've learned in this section, this is the win.   Spend your time on this last part.