Identifying Textboxes the have "Text Autofit Improvements"

Jan 12, 2022

I have a Storyline 360 project that i am trying to open in Storyline 3, i am getting an error message saying the 360 file contains "Text Autofit Improvement" and I cant open in Storyline 3.  How can i identify which slides in the 360 file have the Autofit enables so i can turn it off, so i can open in Storyline 3?? Thanks


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Josh Dean

The storyline release notes and discussions about autofit seem to indicate that it's not just the textboxes that are updated but the entire project itself is set this way. I believe this means that you wouldn't be able to delete those slides and in my version of 360 there isn't a way to convert back to the non-autofit version of a project once you've converted it over. 

In the notes about autofit storyline seems to know this and it mentions that a backup copy should be saved if it's needed in previous versions.,Storyline%203,-or%20earlier%20versions%20of 

Tim Milke

I've run into this one too.  I'm working with someone who has 360, while I have SL3.  She sent over a file that is unable to be opened.

While doing a screenshare, it's obvious that she never turned this feature on (, as backup copies were never prompted or saved, and she still has the option to turn the text-autofit on.

What we discovered, is that if you copy a textbox from an upgraded project, to a normal one, the entire file is converted, even though it doesn't look like it.  You'll never receive a prompt.  All of the textbox properties still appear with the old settings.

Alicia Hernandez Murat

I have the same problem.

I have developed a project in Storyline 360 ​​using all the text boxes with "Do not autofit" checked in the properties (see attached image).
Now I have to open that project in SL3, but SL3 shows me the "Text Autofit improvements" window and doesn't open the project.

What can I do to open it in SL3? Is there any SL3 update that fixes this? Could there be a bug in the software?

Please can someone from Articulate or a Storyline expert help me?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Rob Puricelli

We have just encountered this issue. Myself and my fellow Instructional Designer have 360 subscriptions, but the SME's in the dept. are all on SL3 and since the update that introduced the Text Autofit, they constantly get errors about being unable to open any project that we have passed through SL360. This is going to cause major issues for us.

I appreciate that SL360 will be the cutting edge version of SL, and that certain "premium" features exist to entice customers to the subscription model, but there ought to be a mechanism that simple disables an SL360 exclusive features from being used in SL3, much like has been done in the past, such as the Modern player which SL3 simply defaults to the classic player when opened in it.

I have opened a case (03084802) with Articulate Support.

Anita Crump

We are working with SL 360 version 3.6. We've discovered that you cannot open those files in SL 360 version 3.5. We're not trying to go back to SL3 and we still have the problem.

Is there a work around so that we can open the files in SL360 with the new features.

My SL 360 version 3.6 does not have the box I've seen on the Format Text box. Now I'm afraid to update it in case I can't get the updates on a different machine, or for a different user in our department.