if-condition: if no more slide, then go to "scene x"

Dec 12, 2019

Im trying to find a way to make a if-condition on my arrows (picture) on my masterslide that say: 

Trigger: Go to next slide.

if: no "next slide" (if the use is at the end of the slidepages of the scene), then: go to "scene x".

"Scene x" is my "home-slide" in my course.


I can make the trigger, but how do i make the if-condition?


Under Trigger Wizard, and under Conditions, the program crash everytime i press on "Objects" or "Windows".

Im on Articulate Storyline 360.


Hope anyone can help :)




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Emil! 

First things first, the program shouldn't be crashing. I would make sure there isn't a corrupted element in the course that is causing this. Also, is this happening in multiple courses when opening up the Trigger Wizard, or just this one?

For the question regarding the Trigger, there are a few steps I would take. In short, you would want to first add a variable to the last slide and a trigger that adjusts the variable to true when the timeline ends on the slide".

From there, you would need a trigger that reads "Jump to Scene when User clicks button, if variable is equal to true"

Let me know if I can clarify!

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