If ... else

I don't know how to search the forum for this one so I post it instead.

I have a text entry box. If the user write the words CAR, PLANE och BOAT a hidden layer will appear saying GREAT.

In all other cases I would like another hidden layer to me shown saying: NO NOT THE CORRECT ANSWER.

The above is just an simple example. There are lots of mor words and different layers debending on what you type in. I don't want to use a free form quiz.

I thought there might be possible to use an ELSE command. Show layer x if variable y= CAR, BOAT or PLANE ELSE show layer z.

Any ideas?



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Phil Mayor

There is no specified else it is based on trigger order


Trigger 1 Show layer if Var == to *** OR *** OR ****

Show layer if VAR NOT equal to **** OR *** OR *** (simply duplicate the trigger

If it was a JUmp to Slide trigger your second trigger would not need conditions.  Because it is showing ayers then you need the additional conditions.

Tracey Stokely

I have something similar, but different.

I have a situation where I want to jump to slide from a hyperlink, but, based on the variable true/false, if trueI want it to jump to slide A and if false, I want it to jump to slide B. However, the Action and Slide are not in the Condition part. And, it looks like there is only one trigger available for a hyperlink. Is that correct?

I would really like it to be:

if InsuranceType == True, Jump to slide 1.11...
if InsuranceType == False, Jump to slide 1.12