three layers and trigger

Mar 30, 2015


I would like to have a #1 layer appear on #2 layer when I click a close button from #3 layer which takes me back to layer #2.

I will add an attachment of the show if you don't mind.

another way of saying it:

When finished watching the video layer in the introduction tab, when you click the close button and it takes you back to the Introduction tab. I would like the words to appear "now click on the Key Terms tab" on the Introduction layer. So the words only appear once they have watched the video and returned to the Introduction page after clicking  the "Close" button.

Is this possible?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikki, 

I'm having a hard time following the set up as I don't see the words "Now click on the key terms tab" on the introduction layer or the tabs on that layer either? Essentially layers are shown in the order that they are clicked and if you'd like to show them in a particular order you'll need to force users to click on them in that order in terms of disabling the other buttons until you want them to click on that one. 

If you only want the text to appear after the video has ended, you could set its initial state to disabled and then adjust the state of the text box based on when the timeline of the slide or video ends?

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