Image Carousel will not go back to first image after last image

Apr 28, 2019

Hi everyone,

You've all  been so helpful before so I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue with my image carousel. After image 4 for "Fundal Height"  my image carousel will not go back to the start. There are no images after the Fundal Height photo, even when I delete all the triggers past photo 4. The image carousel refuses to go back to the start.

Could anyone tell me how to remove the correct triggers and make it so that the last image is in content 4, labeled "Fundal height" and after the user clicks on the right arrow, the carousel should go back to the beginning of the interactive. I have attached the interactive as well, so it is clear what is going on within the file.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

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Thor Melicher

Try this:

Open the Manage project variables window and change the variable 186700NumberOfImages default value to 4 which matches the images you have in your project.

You can do this by double-clicking the variable (it's the first one listed) and then type in 4 for the default value.

If you haven't worked with variables before, this is what the button looks like to be able to add/change variables:

For more information on how to use this template, make the Instructions Text layer visible (it's the last item in the timeline).

I hope this helps!


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