Image Compression in Storyline 3

I know this has been discussed before, but there seems to be no solution. I am working on a project that contains a lot of screenshots. Originally I imported the files from a PPT (same 16:9 settings) from the SME. Regardless of whether I locked the size of the player to optimal, or changed the image quality to 100% via publish quality, the images come out unacceptable. I notice that the images look absolutely fine when I am previewing and/or working on the project, but nothing I do makes the output even halfway acceptable. Is there a fix for this? 

I did also try to copy the original images from the PPT as well as retake my own screenshots, but the final product is always a blurry mess. 


Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Daniel!

Sorry, you're into this issue as well! I'm happy to help. You might notice the quality is compromised on the slide in Story View and possibly Preview, but the blurriness should not appear in the published output. Are you also seeing the quality of the image distorted in the published output?

If so, I'd like our team to take a look at your project. You can either attach it to this public discussion or share the .story file privately with our team in a support case.