image disappears after hover over in Internet Explorer

Mar 08, 2018

HI all,

Just checking my course - the image should change it's state on mouse hover but instead it disappears and only appears when the mouse hovers over it. It only happens in Internet Explorer, not even Microsoft Edge...

Any suggestions? Thank you

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Irina Amelkina

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your response. Just to let you know that I managed to fix the issue by changing the way I created the activity. Still, it would be good for me to understand what happened so I avoid this issue in the future.

I had one image with various states. The idea was that learners hover over different parts of the image and the image changes its states. In this scenario i used transparent objects as hotspots and had issues when previewing the content in IE.

The version of Storyline is 3

It didn't happen in preview but I suspect this is because my default browser is Chrome.

We host it on LMS.

I fixed the by splitting the image into several images with required states and creating hover states. Hence I eliminated the need to use hotspots. Still, any ideas why I had this issue when using hotspots?

Thank you

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina,

That's really odd. I don't know why hotspots would have caused that to happen, especially in just one browser. 

I'm happy to hear you found a workaround. If you run into this again, please be sure to send me a sample slide so I can take a closer look. If we've got a bug lurking here, we definitely want to know about it so we can begin looking into a fix. 

Kevin Nourse

It doesn't look like this issue has been resolved. I am launching a new training in a few days, and testing in IE just revealed the same issue.

My solution is to have the slide force reset every time it loads, rather than allowing it to decide automatically or return to saved state. This seems to fix the base image disappearing, but now my users see everything in their original states get updated to changed states when timeline starts.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kevin!

I took a peek into Irina's case, and the image issue she was seeing was project-specific, not a bug. Since you're seeing similar behavior, we'd love to take a closer look at your file.

If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll give it a test and let you know what we find, and we'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

Kevin Nourse

I am unable to provide the course file requested as I fixed it already.

I wanted it to keep a save state so that images with visited/deactivated states would remain grayed out on navigation, and not flash from active-to-visited every time the user reached that page.

Here are the circumstances I believe were at play:

* Have a navigation slide with a single Image with several state changes.

* Have hotspots all over the image in different locations which trigger different states on mouse over.

* Have slide set to keep saved state on navigation to slide.

* Click the hotspot to navigate away from navigation slide.

* Click back on the player to return to navigation slide.

In Google Chrome it wasn't an issue, but for Internet Explorer - the navigation image vanished, and would only appear when the mouse went over a hotspot.

Hope this helps,

Kevin Nourse, CHC
Integrity Analyst 2
OHSU | Integrity Department
tel: 503-494-5430
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