Image from previous slide showing up on alternate slides

Jun 19, 2023


I am encountering a rather strange error with Storyline and I am wondering if anyone can help? I reopened my save file to make a change towards the end of the module. Prior to making this change at the end, the course was responding as anticipated. After re-publishing with the edit I had made, I noticed that one of the earlier slides was misbehaving (this can be observed both in Storyline preview and via the SCORM.)

Essentially, a background image from slide 2 is now showing up on slide 6. I have triple checked to ensure the background image from slide 2 shows no where in the timeline for slide 6. It's really unusual. 

My slide 6 contains 3 layers and the background image is only changing for the final layer on this slide, otherwise the first 2 layers show the same background image correctly. (It should contain the same background image for all 3 layers) I have even attempted to delete all images on this last/third layer and copy and paste them over from the base layer. Initially this worked, however when I apply formatting to the background image on this layer (using Storyline formatting to change from colour to greyscale) and then preview the project again, the same image from slide 2 re-appears again on slide 6. 

I am going insane haha! I am new to Storyline, this is my 3rd build but I believe I am relatively competent. Just to re-cap in case I've not explained myself well, I need the background image on the third layer to be grayscale, so it's been replicated from the base layer. When first replicated and no grayscale formatting has been applied, it works! The correct image shows up. When I apply formatting (colour to grayscale) an image from slide 2 starts showing up on slide 6. 

This has only started happening after I edited some text in one of the much later slides. 

Any ideas how I can fix it? I've read a couple of other forum posts and I am not sure if this is helpful, but I've also ensured the images have different file names as well. 

Kind Regards,


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Nicholas Jackson

Here is a screen recording of the error. It shows replicating the background image and previewing the project will display as anticipated (both the background image and the duplicated image are identical) after exiting the preview, all I am doing is changing the colour formatting from colour to grayscale which causes the image to change (to an image used on a previous slide) 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Nicholas, 

Happy to help!

I noticed in your video that you were .emf files. As a troubleshooting step, can you try converting these files to either jpeg or png to see if this helps address the behavior? 

If changing the format of your image files doesn't work, I'd recommend opening a support case and sharing a copy of your project file there. You can share just the slide where you encountered the behavior, with all proprietary information removed. We can also provide you with an NDA if this will allow you to share a copy of your file with us. You can open a case with our support team here.