Can you set a default layer format?

Aug 15, 2019

I'm working on a project, and every time I add a layer, it seems to pull the formatting from the course Feedback master. See attached Feedback Master and Layer images.  The Feedback master has a grayed out background. I don't know why the layers are showing this same background. I just want a plain layer with NO formatting so I can see everything from the base layer.

Currently, I have to change the formatting every time I add a layer. Is there a way to make the blank layer the default so I don't have to reformat each time?  I am not seeing that option anywhere.

I am also attaching an example of the story file so you can see what is happening. This has one slide with a layer that shows the formatting that is taking place.

Thank you!

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Ron Price

Every Feeback Master has a BLANK Layout that is used for the layers that are not Assessments.  In our story - the custom Layout - has that deleted.  Getting it back is a little tricky.  One option is to select the second master in the feedback Master design - copy it and paste it so that it will become Layout 1.  Then any new slide you add will have this layout by default and the Blank Layout is intact on that one.

Hope that helps


Kimberly Lococo

Thanks for the info Ron! 

I was able to copy that blank slide from another course and paste it into the current Feedback Master and it is working fine now. I had NO idea that the Feedback Master fed to the Layer functionality. I'll know from now on to NOT delete that slide! It might help others to label that slide with Layer default or something like that in the slide naming.  Just a suggestion!

Thanks again!

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