Image in scrolling panel is very blurry

May 09, 2019

I'm creating a document reference. Each document appears on a Storyline page in a scrolling panel so the user can read the entire document. I am using the technique of combining .png versions of each PDF page into one long .png and then dropping that into a scrolling panel. This works fine for docs that are one or two pages long; however, I have several that are 8 pages long (image is 26,400 px tall). When I import the image into Storyline, it compresses the image to the height of my Storyline page (580 px tall). When I try to resize the image back to its original size, the image is so blurry that it's unreadable.  Is there a way to import the image as is and not compressed?

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Lawrence Kenji Cautivo

Hi Patricia,

It was suggested in an older thread to have the image tiled and imported before resizing it back to 100%. This should allow you to retain its original size and resolution.

There are some helpful tips with this Storyline 360 article when it comes to high quality images.

I would need to check if adjustments made on the compression settings would be applicable to PNG files since the article only mentioned videos and JPEG.

You can check on this within the Quality settings of the publishing wizard.

high qual



Toufik EL

Replying one year later but I found a solution this instant so I wanted to share it.

I Always tried to avoid using scrolling panels in my courses because of the resulting blurry jpeg/png images.
I just found a trick to have a picture staying in a relatively good quality (really close to the original quality).
Copy your picture from the source file (not the blurried one in storyline) and paste it in Powerpoint.
Then save it as an .emf picture.
After that, import it once again in Storyline.

Resize it to your needs and you will see all the details.
Hope this will help!

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