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Jul 06, 2012

I would like to know if it's possible do add a image in the side bar - bellow the logo?

I don't have menu but have the logo, so I would like to use that space to have an image...


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Steve Flowers

The logo is constrained to size on export. So no matter how wide / tall you make it the graphic will always be resized down to the designed space. However, if you don't mind some post publish surgery, you can adjust this size by editing one of the published XML files. The width and height are defined in this file. I don't have my SL dev kit with me at the moment so I can't provide more detail.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Ana - 

You'll want to look in the frame.xml within the story_content folder on publish. Search for logo. The width and height properties are expressed in a block shortly after. The max width seems to be 204 pixels and the height seems to be adjustable to practically any height your image is exported to (scaled if wider than 204 pixels).

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