Image on slider thumb the wrong way round

Jun 02, 2015

I have created an image to put on my slider thumb but when I put it as a fill for the slider thumb it displays the wrong way round. the reason I used my own image is that I want to have a line follow my slider to go over another image to show the area being displayed as a slice of that in an other image elsewhere on my slide. See attached image.

Is there a way I can get it to display the correct way round?

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Jay Yearley

Late for a response, though I've experienced this before. In my case it was because I imported a slider into the screen (in a horizontal direction), but then rotated the slider to a vertical orientation, because I wanted the learner to drag up/down. Not side-to-side, as is the traditional behavior for Storyline sliders.

The sliders import images into the thumbs and tracks with the same orientation it would be if the slider were placed on the screen horizontally. Give it some thought for a minute, and it will start to make sense.  If you roated your slider from it's native horizontal direction, you'll need to rotate your images (in Photoshop, etc.) accordingly to get them to face the proper direction you need them to be,

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