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Joshua Dunbar

Hi Jean,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with images being blurry. 

Are you sizing your jpegs to an optimal size? If you aren't sure I'd recommend reading over the Articulate's Best Practices For High-Quality Images & Videos

It sounds like you might want to start with the original images being uploaded and confirm they are optimized as outlined in the link above (since it's blurry in 'Preview mode').

However, you can also check the compression settings Storyline uses for videos and JPG images. Just find the 'Qualities' section under Publish. You'll see under 'Properties' a 'Quality' section and can click the 'Optimized for standard delivery' (If you haven't modified this before) in the publishing wizard. From their, you can drag the Video quality and Image quality sliders to the right to increase the publish quality.

I would check all the guidelines in the above article just to be 100% sure!