images deleting themselves, kinda but not really

Sep 24, 2019

So in my last object, at some point a bunch of images have decided that they are done and going home but storyline doesn't seem to have noticed. The boundry box is still there, it still shows in the time line. I can do everthing you would expect with the box but there is no image. Now I have to go back through every page with layers and check each image

This has happened on a bunch of layers with images but not all layers with images. If i right click and go replace image and choose the same one it will come back (but of course in their original size, side note, why the hell is it so awkward to line stuff up in storyline? do you run a separate pixel grid per object or something?). 

Any clues what's happening here? It's recent, as far as I know the images were all there when I was testing it yesterday but when I tested the published version today was when I noticed missing images.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Bruce. Thanks for the screenshot! 

I haven't seen that behavior before, and I'm glad you reached out. A few clarifying questions to help us unlock what's going on:

  • It sounds like the missing image issue is happening in the published output. Where is course hosted?
  • Do you notice any oddities during preview?
  • Do you notice any trends in the image format? Are they all .JPG files?

Would you be willing to share an affected .story file with me? You can share it privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it after taking a thorough look!

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