Images not appearing in published version of Storyline 3 file

When I launched the published version of my Storyline 3 file, none of the images appear. Only text and shapes appear.  I have attached a screen capture to show you.  I put a red circle around the boxes with "x's" in them that appear in place of the images.  Have you run into this before?


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Kyle Gomon

I just published the file to my desktop and it worked. The images appeared. I tried copying that publish folder to the location that I WAS publishing to that didn't show the images. When I opened the internet file from that location to view it, again the images did not appear.  Why would it show up when the folder is on my desktop and not in my network location? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

We always recommend editing and publishing to a local drive, as not doing so is known to cause odd behavior and ultimately lead to corruption. Take a look at the recommendations and best practices here. 

Once you've published the content, you'll want to upload to your LMS, web server, to test it and use one of the recommended browsers for your version of Storyline.

Let me know if you run into any other problems with the course!