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I created a Storyline presentation and tried to import the resulting SWF file into Adobe FrameMaker version 10, but I’m getting an “ERROR: Could not load the file ‘0_content\data.swf’” error message.  I had previously successfully imported an Adobe Captivate SWF file in my document.  Why doesn’t the Articulate flash file work?  TIA.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Kate!

Currently, Storyline does not support publishing to a single SWF file, nor do we support uploading the single .swf for content viewing. Storyline publishes a collection of files, all of which are necessary for quick and functional playback. Uploading / viewing the .swf file will result in unexpected behavior and / or loss of functionality. 

I'm not familiar with Adobe FrameMaker, but is your only option to upload a single swf? 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cathy -- Welcome to the community, and as this thread is older, I wanted to be sure and check to see if you still need assistance. Hopefully, you are all set and wanted to share that the info in this thread did the trick for you, but please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything you need! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rosario - This thread is a bit dated, but let's see if I can assist. You can certainly insert an swf file into your course for use as explained here. What is not supported is publishing to a single swf file, which is what the original author was hoping to utilize. Does that answer your question?

Oh, welcome to E-Learning Heroes by the way :)