Import from Presenter '13 to Storyline needs a lot of rework

Dec 04, 2014

when I import my presentations from presenter ' 13 to storyline i need to devote great deal of time in fixing stuff, which comes distorted in storyline.

is there anyway to avoid all the rework after import?

by the way, i have seen an article about what can't be imported etc... I'm not using those complicated stuff.

Idea is that whatever hard work has gone in setting up each of the slides in powerpoint is not wasted.

I remember from my captivate experience that i used to get all the slides exactly how I had in powerpoint. Never needed any rework after import.

Appreciate your help.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Sam!

We recommend to save and edit from your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Saving files to an external source could cause erratic behavior. I have heard of people using One Drive without issues, but it's best to work from your C: drive. If you need to keep your files in One Drive, we would recommend to save on your local drive first, then make a copy and move it to One Drive.

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