Converting Presenter to Storyline

Aug 19, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

Its always nice to see this forum bustling with activity.  I have been off of e-learning work for a few months now and have truly missed the fun and excitement that it brings in.  


Today as we are deciding about the next phase of our product, I have a pressing issue for which I need your advice.  We have over 50 hours of content in Presenter that we need to convert to HTML5.  Also having used Storyline and seen the excellent output from the same, we are inclined towards using Storyline as our primary authoring tool going forward.  In order to do so, I understand I have two paths forward:


  • 1.      Wait for Presenter 13 so that I can simply re-publish the files to HTML5 format and then convert the Presenter 13 content to Storyline.
  • 2.       Convert the existing Presenter 9 files to Storyline and get HTML5 format.

My experience with Route 2 - I actually tried to go the second route, but I realized that this will require substantial work on my end.  I was hoping that going from Presenter 9 to Storyline would be a simple import and publish.  But that was not the case.  While 80% of the slides imported fine with the audio and the synchronized animations, it’s the other 20% of the slides that I am worried about.  I saw that these slides had misplaced animations and hence would require rework.  This means that I will need to test each and every slide and then do the necessary rework if I go down the 2nd path.

So now come my questions:

  1. Is what I have experienced with Presenter 9 to Storyline conversion something normal?
  2. Will I experience similar issues as I convert Presenter 9 to Presenter 13?
  3. Will there be fewer import issues as we go from Presenter 13 files to Storyline?

I look forward to hearing the experiences and take of the learned community members





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