Imported PowerPoint file navigation issues

Jun 24, 2019

Hi, I'm on the verge of pulling out all my hair. I imported a file from PowerPoint and created 3 scenes. The goal is to have free navigation between scene 1 and 2 which has several slides. After slide 2, the course navigates to a brief knowledge check (scene 3). I double checked the player navigation menu and it is already designated as "free." So now to the problems:

1. When the course starts (scene 1) and I click on scene 2 in the menu, it only moves to the the next slide in scene 1. 

2. If I go through all the slide in scene 1 which is then triggers to go to scene 2, I can't get back to scene 1 from the menu.

3. After scene 2, the course navigates to scene 3 (which is in-line with triggers) but again, I can't use the menu to navigate back to the beginning of scene 1 or scene 2.

Has anyone experienced these issues with importing PowerPoint files? Is there a live help desk for Articulate Storyline?


Crys Stripling


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