Can't go back to previous screen between scenes

Can anyone tell me why Storyline 2 doesn't allow me to go back through a previous scene/lesson once I've left that scene/lesson?

When I finish the slides in lesson 1 and click "Next" to go to lesson 2, I go to the first slide in lesson 2. But when I click "previous" to go back to lesson 1, it will only allow me to go to the last slide in lesson 1. When I click "previous" from the last slide in lesson 1, it takes me to the first slide in lesson 2. It's a loop. I can't use the previous button to go through lesson 1 backwards, once I have started lesson 2.

I want the learner to have free navigation, but so far, I'm having no luck at that. Thanks for any help you can give!

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Joanne Chen

Hi  Karen, the privious button takes you to the slide where you just left not the slide before it, so that's why you went into a loop.

If you want to go back to the first page of lesson 1 and you have one lesson in one scene, than you'd better to add a button and set a trigger to jump to the scence.