Slides navigation won't move forward after revisiting the quiz slides nor backwards. I have to use the "Menu." Don't want to use the "Menu" option.

Apr 28, 2016

I created a course in storyline 1. I set up lessons and at the end of each lesson there is a knowledge check (KC) questions. I run through the first lesson and answer the KC questions. Now I move on the 2nd lesson but realize that I want to go back and review some information on the 1st lesson. When I click Prev the course will only let me go as far back as the last KC question. It will not let me go passed that last KC question. I did incorporate a menu in the course so I can move freely with the menu but I can't navigate freely with the "Next" and "Prev" buttons.

So in other words, when entering a previous less, the system won't let me proceed beyond that lesson without going back into the "Menu" and selecting where I want to go next.

How do remove this barrier so that I can move freely when revisiting lessons?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lissbeth

if you are using the player menu, you may have it set to 'locked' navigation.

See if this tutorial helps you

Here is what the options mean:
Free: This allows learners to click on the titles in the course's menu to navigate to any part of the course at any time. They can view whatever slides they wish, in any order.

Restricted: This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they've previously viewed, but they can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides.

Locked: This means learners can only view the slides in the order you've designed. They can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides, nor can they use it to skip back to any previously viewed slides.

Lissbeth  McCrodden

They are in different scenes and the trigger is there.

The problem is after reviewing say lesson 2 and answering the kc questions I move on to lesson 3. Then I decide I want to go back to lesson 2 and review the content so I hit the prev button. the course will navigate back to the last kc in lesson 2 and stop, at which point I have to go up to the menu and go back to lesson 2 via the menu. As I continue to navigate lesson 2 I get to the kc questions. They still have the answers I put in earlier but when I get to the last kc in lesson 2 the course freezes and I cant move forward to lesson 3. I then have to go back to the menu and navigate to lesson 3 via the menu.

I want to be able to review material and move forward using the next and prev buttons and its not letting me once I have already viewed the slide.

I'm thinking an and/if is going to work but I don't know how to set this up and I am desperate for help.

Lissbeth  McCrodden

I am attaching the file.  I have zipped it.

I looked at Nicoles instructions, problem is that I am working in SL1 and I don't have the option of selecting "Next" under the gears icon because it doesn't show up. I only have options for visibility, base layer and revisits.

Lissbeth  McCrodden

Question: here are the steps Nicole referenced. I'm just confused on the last step as to why you would remove the trigger you just created?


Here's how you can accomplish what you're trying to achieve:

  • On the last question in Scene 1, click the Slide Properties button in the Layers pane. (the little gear icon)
  • Select the option for Next button to appear. (Before this, it should only have Submit button selected)
  • This will automatically create a Trigger to 'Jump to next slide when next button is clicked'. in the Triggers pane.
  • Change the link from next slide, to the next question in the next scene.
  • Then you have to copy the trigger you just created, go back into slide properties and Uncheck the Next button. (This will remove the trigger you just created), but then you can paste it back.
Lissbeth  McCrodden

Yes but it doesn't help. Once I remove the Next button I'm in the same situation.

Try and publish the course and go through the 1st lesson and move on to the 2nd lesson. Go in about two slides then hit the prev button to go back. The prev button will only let you go as far back as the KC2.If you hit the previous button again it takes you to Lesson 2 (forward-this makes no sense).

 If I want to go back to the key terms slide I have to use the menu. I pull down the menu, click on lesson 1 key terms. I go back to the key terms slide, review the terms and begin clicking next once I'm done. The course stops at KC2 and won't move to the next slide, which is Lesson 2. This is were I get stuck and I don't know how to make it move to lesson 2 at this point.

Lissbeth  McCrodden

NO its a different file.

Here's the situation with this one. I have a slide (base layer) that has two buttons, employee and managers. For each button there are layers attached. I want the user to go through all of the employee and manager information before moving on to the next slide.  I also want the user to begin with the employee button and go through the layers. When they are done with the employee layer there is another layer that is directing them to the manager button. they then click on the manager button and once they are done with the manager layer I want them to then to be able to click on the "Next" button and move on to the next slide.

I do now want them to be able to move to the next slide until they have viewed all of the employee layers and the manager layers.

I've attached the project. If you run through it you will better understand what I'm trying to do.

Thanks again for your help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lissbeth!

Thanks for sharing your file with me again.

First of all, I removed the adjust variable trigger from the base layer and all the layers except the last one.

By having a True/False variable, you are toggling it on/off every time too.

So, I left it on the Completed layer to set to true when the timeline starts on that layer.

I also added a condition to the Next button to rely on this adjusted variable.

Your updated file is attached.

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